Precautions to Prevent Excessive Sweating

Precautions to Prevent Excessive Sweating

Are you suffering from excessive sweating and wondering about the precautions to prevent it? Sweating is the natural method of removing body toxins via skin pores like all other method such as cough; urine etc. Sweating is a normal reaction of the body to control internal temperature. Sweating is common across the globe that leads to irritation while driving, writing, and typing or doing some other physical activity. There is no such remedy to stop sweating but can be reduced into a certain extent. Excessive sweating is called as hyperhidrosis which occurs because of anxiety, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, heavy work pressure etc.

Precautions to Prevent Hyperhidrosis

  • Reduce the alcohol consumption– alcohol consumption enhances the body temperature and creates excessive sweating in your body.
  • Wear light fabric– light fabric such as cotton reduces excessive sweating as it passes air and maintains the body temperature.
  • Avoid spicy food– oily, fried and spicy food can heat up the body and increase the internal temperature that creates severe sweating.
  • Drink plenty of water– every day minimum 10 glasses of water is required for your body to maintain internal temperature.
  • Avoid skin-tight garments- tight fitting garments increase sweating as air can’t pass into your skin pores.
  • Eat light meal- light meal such as rice, vegetable, fruits etc. can maintain the body temperature and reduce hyperhydrosis.

Remedies to Reduce Hyperhydrosis

  • Lemon juice– if you can apply lemon juice on your sweating prone area, it will reduce the tendency to sweat excessively. Lemon juice is very effective in reducing armpit sweating.
  • Wheatgrass juice– if your entire body sweats excessively, a glass of wheatgrass juice every day morning can give you relaxation as it contains vitamin B12 and folic acid.
  • Vinegar– if you have sweaty palms you can dab your both hands on vinegar two to three times a day to reduce severe sweating.
  • Conch shell powder– if your body has a tendency to sweat excessively you can apply a smooth paste of conch shell powder and rose water or else can simply take a grind stone and rub the wet conch shell onto that to get a light, smooth and creamy paste. This remedy will definitely help you in preventing excessive sweating from your body.
  • Tomato juice– tomato juice is another natural remedy come prevention to prevent hyperhydrosis. One glass of fresh tomato juice every day morning can maintains the body temperature and reduces the tendency of excessive sweating.
  • Coconut oil– you can apply coconut oil in your body to get rid of from hyperhydrosis.

Only a standard lifestyle can reduces the problem of excessive sweating and natural preventive measures can prevent your body from hyperhydrosis.

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