Hyperhidrosis in Hands and its Effective Treatment

Hyperhidrosis in Hands and its Effective Treatment

Sweating is a natural process to remove body toxins via skin pores and maintains body’s internal temperature. Excessive sweating is called as Hyperhydrosis which is a common problem for people around the globe. Our hands are one of the sweatiest regions of the body along with armpit, feet, head, and forehead etc. Severe sweating in hands is a common problem that makes your palms over moisturised and creates irritation while writing, typing, and driving or doing other physical activity such as hand shake or holding an object.

Causes of Hyperhidrosis in Hands

There are few causes of hyperhydrosis in hands such as

  • Stress– Stress is a huge contributing factor for increasing the production of excessive palm sweat or palmer Hyperhidrosis. If you are facing a significant amount of stress in your daily life, you will sweat a lot more than the average person. Try to distress as much as possible in order to control and reduce sweating palms.
  • Hyperactivity– If you are working out at very high intensities, you need to stay hydrated and cool down as much as possible. Vigorous physical activity can be stressful on your nervous system and fire up your sweat glands.
  • Medical Causes– There are several medical causes which leads to excessive palm sweating. These include alcohol abuse, anxiety, diabetes, gout, heart disease, shingles, HIV, and malaria among others.

Treatments of hyperhydrosis in hands

Antiperspirants– Antiperspirants containing Aluminum compounds such as Aluminiumhydroxybromide, Aluminium chloride, Aluminiumchlorohydrate, and Aluminium zirconium trichlorohydrex glycine that effectively reduce excessive sweat symptoms. For palmar hyperhidrosis, you can use FDA approved antiperspirant lotions and sprays.

Botox Injections– Botox or Botulinum Toxin Type A injections are an effective remedy for palmar hyperhidrosis that can reduce its symptoms up to 80%. By applying Botox injections, you can stop acytelcholine response which is responsible for sweat gland activation.

Iontophoresis– This method involves sending mild electrical charges to the skin surface in order to reduce the activation of nervous impulses to the sweat glands. It has been used successfully for decades and is still a popularly used by millions around the world.

Actions to Prevent Hyperhydrosis in Hands

Use antiperspirant on your hands– Many people don’t consider that antiperspirants can be used on most parts of the body. They will reduce perspiration from the hands in the same way as they will in the armpits.

Avoid wearing gloves– Some people wear gloves a lot to hide their situation, but wearing gloves actually increases the production of sweat.

Wash your hands regularly– You won’t need soap if the hands aren’t dirty – just water should be fine. Be aware that using soap too much can dry your skin.

These are the most common and effective methods to help reduce your excessive sweating symptoms and improve your quality of life.

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