Excessive Hand Sweating

Excessive Hand Sweating

Are you experiencing excessive hand sweating and wondering for the disadvantages of the same? Sweating is a natural process to remove body toxins via skin pores. Though the process of sweating is common across the globe, sometime it creates irritation when it becomes severe which is called as hyperhydrosis which occurs in excessive Sweating prone area such as armpit, head, face, feet and palms etc. when it comes to hyperhidrosis it become tough to drive, write or any other physical activity such as hugging someone or shaking hand etc. excessive sweating occurs because of stress, heavy work pressure, anxiety etc.

Causes of Hand Sweating

Excess heat– Excess heat in our bodies sends a nervous impulse to let the sweat glands start production of sweat. This affects the palms of our hands, which have a large concentration of eccrine sweat glands. By sweating through the palms, your body tries to cool itself off.

Medical Causes –There are several medical causes which lead to excessive palm sweating. These include alcohol abuse, anxiety, diabetes, gout, heart disease, shingles, HIV, malaria and Parkinson’s among others.

Stress – Stress is a huge contributing factor for increasing the production of excessive palm sweat or palmar hyperhidrosis. If you are facing a significant amount of stress in your daily life, you will sweat a lot more than the average person. Try to distress as much as possible in order to control and reduce sweating palms.

Hormone disorder– sweating or flushing may be seen with severe hormone disorder including hyperthyroidism, carcinoid syndrome etc.

Hyperactivity – If you are working out at very high intensities, you need to stay hydrated and cool down as much as possible. Vigorous physical activity can be stressful on your nervous system and fire up your sweat glands.

These are some of the main causes of sweating hands that you can get checked by physicians who can recommend the right remedies.

Remedies of Excessive Hand Sweating

Use Antibacterial elements– antibacterial soap or other natural remedy like paste of Neem leaf can reduce severe sweating.

Avoid cosmetics– uses of cosmetics can blocks the skin pores that increase sweating.

Avoid heavy, oily lotion– heavy cream or lotion may make your cloth and bed sheet wet.

Balance diet– a platter of balance diet including fruits, boiled vegetables, juice can surely reduce the problem of severe sweating.

Reduce alcohol consumption– those who are addicted to alcohol consumption can face the problem of severe night sweating, reduction of alcohol consumption may leads to relaxation.

Use Sweat Miracle – Sweat Miracle helps stop excessive sweating within 48 hours and we highly recommend this solution if using traditional treatments such as antiperspirants fail or if you want a quick solution to stop excessive hand sweating.

If we follow a standard lifestyle definitely we may overcome from problems like hyperhydrosis or severe night sweating.

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