Causes of Night Sweat and its Remedy

Causes of Night Sweat and its Remedy

If your bedroom is unusually hot or if you are wearing too many cloths surely you are going to sweat. There is nothing wrong if you are sweating however, if you are sweating excessively during sleep that leads you to irritation such as improper sleep, thirst etc. night sweat refers to excess sweating while sleeping. There are many causes of severe night sweating which is not responsible for hot environment or thick cloths but some strict factor is solely responsible for excessive sweating during night.

      Causes of Night Sweat

  • Hormone disorder- sweating or flushing may be seen with severe hormone disorder including hyperthyroidism, carcinoid syndrome etc.
  • Neurologic disorder- Neurologic disorder like stroke, autonomic neuropathy may cause increased sweating and may leads to night sweats.
  • Medication- taking certain medicines may leads to excessive sweating. Antidepressant drugs are most common to increase night sweats.
  • Low blood sugar- low blood sugar is another common factor that increases night sweat.
  • Infections- bacterial infections may cause excessive sweating at night.
  • Cancer– cancer victims mostly faced excessive sweating during night.If you are having any of the above mentioned disease you have to consult with a doctor. However, sometime night sweat occurs without any proper reason, in that case proper routine should be followed to get rid of from hyperhidrosis.

    Remedies of Excessive Night Sweating

  • Reduce alcohol consumption- those who are addicted to alcohol consumption can face the problem of severe night sweating, reduction of alcohol consumption may leads to relaxation.
  • Use light fabric for daily ware- light fabric in terms of pure cotton and loose fitting short garments can pass air to your body may gives you relaxation while sleeping.
  • Avoid spicy and oily food- spicy and oily food like sauce, gravy, curry and fries should avoid in reducing excessive sweating.
  • Balance diet- a platter of balance diet including fruits, boiled vegetables, juice can surely reduce the problem of severe sweating.
  • Avoid heavy oily lotion- heavy cream or lotion may make your cloth and bed sheet wet.
  • Avoid cosmetics- uses of cosmetics can blocks the skin pores that increase sweating.
  • Shower before sleep- the habit of taking shower before sleep can make you refresh for whole night.
  • Antibacterial elements- antibacterial soap or other natural remedy like paste of neem leaf can reduce severe sweating

If we follow a standard lifestyle definitely we may overcome from problems like hyperhidrosis or severe night sweating. Get more information about hyperhidrosis treatment here.

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