Best Method to Control Sweating

Best Method to Control Sweating

Are you suffering from severe sweating and looking for the best method to control sweating? Sweating is a natural phenomenon of the body that removes the body toxins through skin pores naturally. Sweating is common across the globe however it is severe in some cases that is known as hyperhidrosis. Excessive sweating makes a person feel uncomfortable while driving, writing, hugging someone or in a public place for some work. There are certain factors which are responsible for hyperhidrosis such as anxiety, stress, hormonal disorder, excessive work pressure, excessive alcohol consumption etc. proper maintenance of lifestyle can control the problem of severe sweating.

Methods to Control Excessive Sweating

Avoid spicy food- excessive use of hot and spicy food enhance the body temperature and makes you sweat more.

Wear light fabric- light fabric like cotton can reduce the problem of hyperhidrosis as it evaporates the sweat drops.

Reduce alcohol consumption- if you can control alcohol consumption or smoke it will definitely reduce the problem of severe sweating.

Having light diet- light diet including green vegetables, fruits can maintain the body temperature and reduce excessive sweating.

Avoid skinny dresses- skinny dresses of materials like silk, synthetic can increase the body heat and leads to excessive sweating.

Multiple shower- multiple shower with antibacterial ingredients such as antibacterial soap, body wash etc. can maintain the heat level in your body and controls severe sweating.

If above mentioned solutions can’t give you relaxation then you must follow certain natural remedy that can definitely control excessive sweating.

Natural Remedies to Control Sweating

Tomato juice- if you can intake a glass of cold tomato juice every morning, the problem of hyperhidrosis can reduce.

Salt- take a small amount of salt and rub it on excessive sweating prone area, hyperhidrosis will be in control.

Vinegar- you can dab your hands on vinegar if you are suffering from sweaty palms. Repetition of the same process for two to three times in a day can reduce hyperhidrosis.

Conch shell powder- conch shell is known for its natural potentialities, a mixture of conch shell powder and rose water can reduce the tendency of excessive sweating or else take a dry conch shell and rub it on grinding stone and apply the paste in your sweating prone area, hyperhidrosis will disappear.

Tea tree oil- tea tree oil is another important ingredient to reduce severe sweating. Take two spoons of tea tree oil and apply it on your affected area, it will control severe sweating.

Coconut oil and camphor- add camphor in coconut oil and rub it on sweating prone area, excessive sweating will reduce into a certain extent.

Wheatgrass juice- wheatgrass juice contains folic acid, vitamin B12 that cools down your body and keeps you fresh without excessive sweating.

If above mentioned remedies won’t work you have to consult with a dermatologist who will diagnose the root cause of your excessive sweating and prescribe the required medication to you. Get more information about hyperhidrosis treatment here.

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